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WH1 Topic 16 #2 Study Guide

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Important names:

Ulrich Zwingli: A priest in Zürich. He encouraged the city council of Zürich to introduce religious reforms. Led Protestantism until he was killed after a battle.

John Calvin: Became the new leader of Protestantism after Zwingli was killed.

John Knox: The Calvinist reformer of Scotland

King Henry VIII(8): He wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. When Thomas Cranmer wouldn't annul his marriage, he went to the highes church level to get his marriage annuled.

Thomas Cranmer:Archbishop of Canterbury, who wouldn't annul King Henry VII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

Catherine of Aragon:King Henry VII's first wife, who was divorced and ignored after she had Mary.

Anne Boleyn: King Henry VIII's second wife. She had the male heir Edward VI, and the future Queen Elizabeth I.

Mary:King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's daughter, she became queen in 1553. Her aggressive attempts to convert England to Roman Catholicism resulted in England committing to Protestantism even more once she died. She killed 300 Protestants for being heretics, earning the nickname "Bloody Mary".

Important Vocab:

Institutes of the Christian Religion: A summary of John Calvin's understanding of Protestantism.

Publish: To print for distribution

Predestination: The belief that God has determined in advance who will be saved (the elect) and who will be damned (the reprobate)

Theocracy: Government led by divine authority

Peace of Augsburg: An agreement that Catholicism and Lutheranism would be recognized as separate religions, and the leader of a country could choose which one the country followed.

Annul: Declare invalid

Anglican Church: Another name for the Church of England.

Act of Supremacy of 1534: Declared the king to be "The only supreme head on earth of the [new] Church of England." It gave the king control over religious doctrine, clerical appointments, and discipline.

Papacy: The office or authority of the Pope.

Anti-Semitism: Hostility or discrimination against Jews

Ghettos: Formerly a district in a city in which Jews were required to live

Anabaptists: Wanted complete separation of church and state.

Community: A group of people with common interest and characteristics living together within a larger society

Protestantism in Switzerland

John Calvin

Reformation in England

Section summary: King Henry 8 wanted a divorce from his wife Catherine, who had only given him one cringefail female heir (Mary). The pope was like "nah, dude, you're on your own" and so Henry got Thomas Cranmer to do it. So he divorced Catherine, married Anne Boleyn, and birthed Queen Elizabeth I. Then Henry decided to split off from the Catholic Church, giving himself full control over the church (Act of Supremacy of 1534). He beheaded Thomas More and took monasteries' stuff, but didn't really change anything. Once old Henry kicked the bucket, Edward VI, who was 9, took over. Once he bit the dust, Mary took over. After killing 300 Protestants, she earned the nickname "Bloody Mary".


Reformation and Society

Catholic Reformation